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Blocky Roads is a racing game and provides you with a lot of entertainment. The game is developed by DogByte Games. In this blog, we will discuss the features of Blocky Roads and how to download Blocky Roads for Android. Blocky Roads offer some super cool vehicles that you must steer expertly and avoid all the hurdles along the way. The app can cause its addiction because, in this game, your imagination plays a pivotal role in creating the cars that you are supposed to drive.

In most racing games, vehicles are usually pre-installed, and you can customize them with special rewards. Still, in these arcade races, you can create any vehicle just by the raw power of your imagination.

The unprecedented popularity of Blocky Roads can be judged by the fact that the game has already been downloaded over 10 million times which shows the standard of this game.

Unique Features of Blocky Road

Graphic Quality of Blocky Roads

The graphic quality of Blocky Roads is second to none. Fluid controls help you in navigating the vehicle with more ease. Keep progressing in the game and unlock multiple high-quality cars besides the 3 cars you initially get.

Blocky Roads got 4.42 out of 5 stars, based on 320,776 ratings indicating its success. So if you want to improve your gaming experience and dive into the world of fascinating games, download Blocky Roads right now and become part of this insane racing journey.

Size of the Blocky Roads Apk version

The size of the Blocky Roads Apk version is 53627 kb, and the modified version is 1.3.8, developed for Android version 4.4+. Blocky Roads enable you to challenge your gaming rivals and compete against them. Playing against rivals is the most sought gaming feature nowadays that Blocky Roads also incorporated in.

The game isn’t only about racing but the surroundings that you view while driving add a layer of entertainment. Tall green hills, mountains filled with snow and desert dunes you will certainly not want to miss. If you are a fan of funny graphics, then Blocky Roads is perfectly designed for you. The game needs a space of 135.56 MB to 169.45 MB to install it on your device.

blocky roads mod apk

Features of Blocky Roads Mod Apk

If you are still thinking about whether to download Blocky Roads, then read the features of this game in order to have a better idea of why you should install it and what you can achieve.

  • Racing GamePlay of Blocky Roads Mod Apk

Until now, you have read that the game is based on the idea of driving your cars on different tracks and reaching the destination without any notable damage to your vehicle. Intuitive 3D Graphics enhances your gaming experience and gives an incredibly realistic feel to the game, as if you are driving real cars in the real world.

  • Control Over the Vehicles

Navigating and maneuvering the vehicle is relatively easy because its intuitive touch controls ensure complete control over the vehicles you are driving. Tracks can be challenging, and therefore, you must maintain a balance to make sure the vehicle doesn’t lose its path and bump into hurdles and land safely.

Poor driving can result in a bad landing or getting crushed by a falling boulder, severely damaging the vehicle and your HP to fall to dangerous levels. When the health reaches zero, the car will explode, and you end up losing the game.

  • Absorbing Storyline

The game Blocky Roads unfolds like a story where you act as a farmer who has to take part in racing competitions held in different parts of the world in order to bring back parts of his farm that have been destroyed and scattered all across when being hit by a tornado.

  • Awesome Setting Features

Awesome settings and sizzling racing competitions will surely not disappoint you when you play the game. Possibilities are endless here, and you can creatively imagine and develop your vehicles as well as your rides by using the blocks and parts. Take care of your property, crops, and animals, and with your progression in the game, you will keep finding the lost parts of your farm.

  • Display The Power of Imagination

Show everyone how creative you are when it comes to building and designing. In this game, you have the option to design and develop your vehicles with the help of the provided blocks.

This feature is more interesting than the “Customization” option because you are free to use any design rather than selecting from inbuilt options. In addition, you can make the appearance more attractive by painting the cars with colors.

  • Work On Modifications

Creating designs and working on the car’s appearance is one thing, but it is equally important to improve the functionalities of your vehicle such as health, speed, navigation, and stability.

The performance of the car is directly dependent on its functions. Blocky Roads offers you a number of upgrades to transform your vehicle into an unbeatable racing machine.

  •  No Need to Go For In-Game Purchases

The old version of Blocky Roads isn’t free, and you have to pay a certain amount to claim in-game purchases and upgrades. But if you download the modified version of Blocky Roads, it helps you to get all the premium features free. Download the mod version of Blocky Roads and enjoy its high-end functionalities.

  • Free to Play

If you are using an Android device, you will be pumped to know that Blocky Roads is available for free installation on the Google Play Store. You can also download the latest version of Blocky Roads from this website.

  •  Blocky Style Graphics

Graphics of Blocky Roads mod apk are slightly different and have a great surprise for you. Many such games do not use voxel graphics and this feature makes Blocky Roads different.

Once you download Blocky Roads, you will find out that the game isn’t made artificially attractive by adding unrealistic moves, but everything here is exactly according to the rules of physics that will take your gaming experience to another level. The game is developed in a way that fully optimizes the features and fun.

  • Use Google Play Services

You can explore more content by connecting your game to Google Play Services. Get connected with your online friends and play against them in the epic Leaderboards. Keep completing levels and add on to your achievement list followed by claiming a lot of lucrative rewards.

Your progress in the game won’t be wasted because it will be saved on online cloud drives, which means you have the option to sync it between multiple devices.

  • Amazing Sound Effects

The game is made more interactive and realistic with its powerful sound effects. Imagine you indulge in racing challenges without sound effects, which can be utterly boring. Here enchanting soundtracks will keep playing in the background to add colors to the races and competitions.

Blocky Roads doesn’t only rely on one outstanding feature to get a competitive edge over contemporary games but has a range of remarkable features including sound effects and graphics.

Blocky Roads mod apk


This racing game will prove an absolute delight for all racing game lovers. Blocky Roads has all the ingredients that set it apart from the other racing games. Considering the success of the mod version and its all unlocked premium features, you should take advantage of the opportunity to play it.

How to Download Blocky Roads?

You can download Blocky Roads from the Google Play Store, but if you want to download the latest version with all the high-end functionalities available for free, you can download it from our website by tapping on the link given.




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