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Overview of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Mod Apk

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Mod Apk features a new season with several modifications in the content and gameplay, including the Safeguard mode, range of weapons, seaside map and others. We allow you to download the Apk file from a third party in case you can’t download Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 directly from the Google Playstore.

New features of Call Of Duty Mobile Season are its seaside map and safeguard mod. The seaside is initially seen in Black Ops 4 and is a medium-sized map. It’s the peak of the summer season, and Season 7 promises to hook you with its gameplay innovation.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 mod apk

Play the tournament to get rewards or get a new Battle Pass packed to enjoy this summer season to the fullest. Obviously, when it’s the sun’s scorching heat bothering you, the only refuge you get is near the coastal land, the beach.

Make a move to the Seaside Multiplayer Map, guard a robotic partner in its new Safeguard mode and escort it to the destination. Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Mod Apk welcomes you with new Tournament mode content, the Summer Sale and much more.

The in-game map is for your assistance in finding the location. The task of safely taking a robot to its destination is time-barred; if the adversaries succeed in slowing down your movement by firing at you, you will lose the game. The gamers can unlock the Striker 45 SMG and the Tac-Deploy Operator Skill through the Battle Pass.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 mod apk

Acquire Striker 45 at Tire 1, which will significantly improve your weapon options because of its capability to hit long-range targets. In addition, lay hands on the Tac-Deploy Operator Skill at Tier 14, acting as a spawn beacon for the operator’s entire squad to keep the team together. Besides that, you can also get more tier highlights, including the SKS, a series of camos and Weapon Blueprints.

Unique Features of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Mod Apk

Play New Multiplayer Mode
In the Safeguard mode of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Mod Apk, teams follow the map to take different routes in order to help the robot reach a safe place. Play it vigilantly to protect the robot from incoming fire and getting destroyed in the process.

In case the robot gets hit, it’ll shut down all its functions and be forced into a reboot phase, which means its movement will also be halted. Attackers and defending teams can score points if they succeed in their mission. Defending team has to make the robot disabled before reaching the destination, and the attacking team has to escort it safely to the destination.

Any team that won two rounds will win the game, and if it’s still a tie after the first two rounds, then the additional game time will be added to get a decision.

Fresh Content in the Tournament Mode
Get maximum points with the new Rewards spinner that pops up time and again throughout these tournaments. Use them wisely to unlock premium content.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 mod apk
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 mod apk

Multiplayer Map
Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 features a new medium-sized multiplayer map set in Spain. Fight intense battles in the middle of busy markets, and in the meantime, keep a close eye on the snipers monitoring your movement and looking for a chance to fire.

Seek shelter behind parked tanks to avoid attacks. With the classic three-lane design of this map, you can access multiple side routes to make it challenging for the foes to advance.

Impressive Weapons
Get the better of your enemies with an advanced AK117. Grim Ending Weapon Blueprint features deadly sharp black metallic components to cause panic among the rival teams.

New Seasonal Challenges
You can earn operator skins, weapon blueprints, Battle Pass XP, the new MacroMag IFS signature attachment and others just by completing the seasonal challenges of Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Mod Apk.

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