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Carrom Pool Mod APK is a carom board game specially designed for Carrom board lovers. It is a fun-loving game which can be played alone or with your friends, both online and offline.
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Miniclip has designed Carrom Pool Mod APK as a game that’s accessible online and offline. It is an outstanding multiplayer game commonly played in Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc.

Carrom Pool Mod APK an1 also includes Carrom Classis Pool Mod APK and Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK. All the ways of Carrom Pool Mod APK 2023 are multiplayer, and you can enjoy playing it with your friends and family.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk

In Carrom Pool Mod APK, players will keep all the discs into the hole, and the one obtaining more scores will win the game that can be an individual or a group.

The graphics, features, and controls of the game are amazing and very easy to use, giving a feeling of authenticity; it will feel like you are playing the game physically and not on any device. This makes the game enjoyable and addictive.

3D Graphics

The game has exciting 3D graphics, which make the game look like the real-life Carrom board, and that’s why it makes its users involve fully in the game.

carrom pool mod apk

Features of Carrom Pool Mod APK

The fun-loving Carrom Pool Mod APK has some very interesting and unique distinctive features, which are as follows:

A Multiplayer Game

Playing games or doing fun tasks with friends is always more enjoyable than doing the same thing alone. This feature of Carrom Pool Mod APK offers the opportunity to players to play with friends and make the game just like the real-life Carrom Board. So go ahead, challenge your friends and jump into the world of Carrom Pool.

Online Mode

The online mode of Carrom Pool Mod APK allows the players to play games with friends anywhere they are. It is unnecessary to be with them in one room like the real-life carom. So this feature of Carrom Pool Mod APK makes it easier and more fun.

Offline Mode

If you are at a place where you do not have an internet connection, you should not be worried because you can still play the game with the computer just like you play with friends.

Unlimited Gems

In Carom Pool Mod APK, it is necessary to get more and more gems because, with gemstones, you can unlock other features. However, how can you acquire gems? The more games you play and win, the more gems you will earn, but you will also lose some of your gems if you lose a game.

But the Carrom Pool is also giving the solution itself. You will never lose a game if you download the Carrom Pool Mod APK unlimited coins and gems.

Purchasing items from the shops

As soon as you enter the game, you will be able to see the shop section in the right corner, where you can purchase items such as Master Chests, Supreme Chests, Pro Chests, and gems. To get all these items, you will have to spend real money.

carrom pool mod apk

BUT PAUSE. To get all these things without using your real money, download the mod version of the game, i.e., Carrom Pool Mod APK, and get all these items for free.

Unlocked All Chests

In the Carrom Pool Mod version, you will get all the chests unlocked, which includes:

  • Master Chest
  • Delhi Lounge Bronze Chest
  • Supreme Chest
  • Pro Chest
  • Paris Stage Bronze Chest

Different Modes of Carrom Pool

There are three different modes of Carrom Pool which are as follows:

Play Disc Pool

It is a unique feature because in this feature, the players will get some amount of money in the player’s credit, and they can use this amount in the bet. However, the game-winner will get money. It is kept as a bet by all players as the prize for the winner.

In Furthermore, this feature has a speciality of offering players a variety of venues to choose from. Mumbai, London, Delhi, Dubai, Paris, and New York are a few of these famous cities. It also has 12 troops.

Play Carrom

Play Carrom is similar to the Play Disc Pool, but there are slight differences. As in Play Disc Pool, the game has 12 troops, but it has 13 troops in Play Carrom. But the essential part is that the player has to eat the red disc first before the right one. Only then can they win the game.

Practice Mode

The practice mode evident from the name is the practice game for Carrom Pool, where you will learn how to play the game and what strategies to use; even if you lose the game, you won’t lose any money.

carrom pool mod apk

Requirements for Carrom Pool Mod APK

To download Carrom Pool Mod APK, your system would need to have this:

  • Minimum 3 GB RAM
  • Snapdragon 625 Octa-Core processor
  • Above Android 5.0 operating system.
  • 70 MB Storage
  • Location, Gallery, Wi-Fi, Microphone and Camera permission required.

How to download Carrom Pool Mod APK

After looking at the fantastic and distinctive features of Carrom Pool Mod APK, do not wait anymore and just download Carrom Pool Mod APK longline from the below link and enjoy this incredible game with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the win streak in Carrom Pool?

Ans: Win streak is also known as a hot streak. It is a sequence of success without any interruptions.

  1. What is considered a foul in Carrom Pool?

Ans: Some of the fouls in Carrom Pool are: the striker goes into the pocket, the final disc is pocketed before the queen, and it will make you lose 3 points.

Final Verdict

If you are a Carrom fan and do not get a chance to play Carrom physically with your friends, here is your chance to play it online. Get closed to your friends by carrom pool mod apk aim. Just download the game and enjoy the unlimited fun.

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