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Introduction to Hooked Inc Mod Apk

Hooked Inc mod Apk is a fabulous fishing game players worldwide love. If you like fishing, you may like the game more because of its obvious relevance. Download Hooked Inc Mod Apk and feel the passion for doing different activities in the sea. Prove yourself the best fisherman around by catching as many fish as possible and earning a lot of money in return. This game demands the player to be highly discreet in managing and controlling the crew members. Display your skills and become the wealthiest tycoon in the sea.

If you believe you are a seasoned gamer and want to try your hand at new and adventurous games, then Hooked Inc Mod Apk is precisely the game you should play. It’s a legendary Android game based on the concept of fishing in the sea and hooking fish of several styles to collect money. There are two techniques to catch a fish: swipe the screen or tap on the fish and accumulate wealth in the form of money that can be used to revamp and upgrade the boats. The game may sound monotonous as you repeatedly perform one action, but it is a fantastic game that has become extremely popular because of its addictive nature. The mod version of Hooked Inc has introduced new high-end features that were missing in the original version.

Hooked Inc Mod Apk

Features of Hooked Inc Mod Apk

Hooked Inc was ranked the top fishing game in the year 2018 and 2019, which is testimony to its diverse and intriguing gameplay. The game allows you to become a fishing legend by overcoming tidal exuberance and demanding the utmost respect. Hire crew members to expand the size of your empire. Accumulated wealth can be used to improve the features of the boats and unlock unexplored places. Purchase items to satisfy your fishing desire and reach the highest level of the fishing world. Traverse uncharted waters to catch the giant exotic fishes and modify the boats simultaneously. Make sure you become part of fishing tournaments to showcase your battle talent and claim many gems, rewards and accolades.

Win exciting awards

Play Hooked Inc Mod Apk every day to win exciting rewards. Hire exclusive seasonal crew members to get assistance along the way. The game is now recognized as the most sophisticated fishing simulation game with plenty of happenings.


The gameplay of Hooked Inc Mod Apk is centred on the idea of managing the fishing aspect rather than massive non-stop action. You will learn the art of management and business development by catching and selling fish for money. Reach challenging destinations on your upgraded boats and aim at all valuable fishes to become a business tycoon. Build a Fisher Tycoon Empire by increasing the size of your subordinates.

Explore Hidden Locations

With Hooked Inc Mod Apk, you can now explore several new places and waters that were untapped before. Select a perfect place for catching fish that can be traded later. Choose a competent crew and the right direction to successfully hook the maximum number of fish. Wealth can be spent to modernize the boats.

Lead the Crew and Succeed

Manage your crew members and enjoy success as the leading crew member, also the ship’s captain. All your subordinates in the crew are highly talented and professional sailors and should be treated with respect. Don’t be arrogant, and manage things efficiently so that your fishing trip remains smooth and you end up catching more fish.

Multi-player Mode for Intense Battles

Multi-player mode in Hooked Inc Mod Apk intensifies the situation as you are now up against the most talented gamers from across the world who will play as your rivals in the game and employ every refined technique to eliminate you. You can switch to multi-player mode if you have the required skill level to challenge adversaries worldwide. Compete with online players in the idle fishing match and utilize all your resources, assets and skills to defeat the enemies.

Take Part in Daily Tournaments

Tournaments are held frequently in this game to make things more entertaining. Take your time and confront other fishermen to catch the maximum number of fish. Follow a cautious approach and be wary of all the opponents, mainly those rival ships that can knock you off instantly. Win tournaments and, along with that, many precious prizes.

Take On the Rowdy and Fierce Fishes

In case you have a perception that this game is a relatively simple one to play, then you need to be corrected. Hooked Inc Mod Apk not only features an idle fishing style to easily allow you to trap fish but also contains some very violent and furious fishes ready to give you the fight of your life. So if you want to win valuable rewards and earn prestige as a highly valued warrior fisherman, you must catch these stubborn fishes first.

Unlock Items and Improve Features

Upgrade the features of the boats and enable you to catch the most extensive and expensive fish. You can gather some valuable items in the game to enhance functionalities.

Expand the Crew

To grow your business, you can increase the inventory of boats and acquire the services of new sailors to increase the chances of catching fish. Make sure you have the most seasoned and professional sailors at your disposal. Learn management and effectively dictate situations.

Sail the Sea to Find Targets

Hooked Inc Mod Apk offers you to explore the depth of the sea with all its mysteries and creatures. Several challenges are waiting to welcome you once you embark on the journey. Still, if you have the skills and resources, you can win over all these difficulties and capture the rarest fishes by displaying your high-class fishing skill to claim massive wealth.

Keep Accumulating Wealth to Upgrade Boats

Using Hooked Inc simple controls, you can comfortably capture hundreds of fish in the initial stages of the game, but as you reach higher levels, things will start getting more challenging. You must keep collecting money along the way to modify the boats for travelling to the deeper water in search of more prized fish. Afterwards, you can trade these fish for money and become a successful business owner.

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Experience the Completely Unlocked Fishing Item Menu

The mod version of Hooked Inc delivers the absolutely free unlocked shop menu on the same gaming interface and similar items. You have the option to buy all the items that are enlisted here. In addition, you can enjoy the unlocked characters to catch fish and maximize your skills to grab the most valuable targets for increased wealth.

Try Luck with Fishing Wheel

Skills and resources are of great help, but you may also want luck on your side. You can try your luck here by participating in the Fishing Wheel and winning prizes. This aspect of the game represents the value of good fortune.

Free to Play

Free to Play is another feature of Hooked Inc Mod Apk. The game is free to play on Google Play Store. You can download the modified version free here and enjoy the premium features.

Graphic Quality

Hooked Inc Mod Apk has a simple graphic style, making it ideal for all low-end Android devices. Gamers can enjoy the game equally on the latest and low-quality Android devices. Nice graphics make it convenient for all age groups to play the game.


Download Hooked Inc Mod Apk and enjoy the great features of the modified variant of this fishing genre game. You will have resources here and be supplied with all the essentials to overcome the challenges smoothly. This highly entertaining fishing game is built on a rather simplistic gaming module.

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