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Overview of Textnow Mod APK

Become a family member with over 100 million people using free texting, free calling, and free nationwide coverage with Textnow mod APK. The application allows the users to enjoy its unique features and call and text people as a fun activity. With text now mod APK, you can call people across borders or in places with problematic signal access.

Textnow Mod APK

Services offered by Textnow

Textnow mod APK offers the service of video calling as well, and that too without any inconvenience. Video calling on this app will be interrupted and unhindered. Just download the application and experience all its high-end features.

Textnow APK believes that limitations must not compromise your ability to communicate. Therefore the application provides you with the facility of unlimited calling and texting without charging money.

Social media is becoming a popular method of communication between communities and individuals in this day and age. The latest trend among users is to have an app that allows them to send and receive messages and audio without any delay.

TextNow Mod Apk is a reliable online communication platform that allows you to stay in touch with people worldwide through traditional methods like text messaging and, audio calling, and video calling to see each other.

The high-quality video call quality ensures you can enjoy this advanced feature to the fullest. What’s more significant is that the app is free and does not require payment from users. Get a local US/Canada phone number that enables users to make calls, send media files, and send text messages without any limits.

You can still communicate through call and messaging services, even if your internet connection weakens. With the high-end features of TextNow Mod Apk, you can have high-quality video calls and clear voice calls. Even with a poor internet connection, calls are still smooth, and there are no distortions.

TextNow Apk is now regarded as the substitute for WhatsApp, and with its many modified features, the app ensures perfection and convenience when it comes to connecting people. The app’s success can be confirmed by the fact that millions of people have already installed it.

TextNow allows you to make unlimited calls without having to share your actual phone numbers. It follows a strict privacy policy, and your chats are always end-to-end encrypted, which means no third party can access them. The strong security layers it has deter hackers from accessing or stealing your data.

All it takes to get the premium services of TextNow  Apk is to connect your Android device to WiFi and install the app. When you chat with someone, the app saves it and keeps it there until you delete it.

Download the updated version and take advantage of the paid features for free. Initially, the app was intended for individuals in the US and Canada, but it is now accessible to everyone worldwide.

Users have the option to chat both in groups and privately. Group chats are a convenient way to share thoughts with others who share your same mindedness. The admin of these groups is responsible for controlling all group activities.

Registering for the app is a straightforward process. Enter your name, email address and phone number, and verify your account by typing OTP in the OTP section.

Take advantage of the modified version’s high-end features, such as unlimited calling, stunning stickers, and ad-blocking services. TextNow allows you to make calls to more than 230 countries without any financial obligations.

How Can You Download this Application?

All you need to do is download the app, select a free phone number with any US area code of your choice, and avail of free calling and texting service immediately.

Free yourself from the shackles of cellular phone services, which usually charge an extravagant amount.

Get your. Textnow SIM card now to contact people anywhere around the country just as efficiently as you do with any other top-notch cellular service provider.

Features of Textnow mod Apk

Series of Numbers

Text Now app is specifically designed for use in North America only. You must create an account; Text Now offers a series of numbers. Subsequently, you can use this number to send text messages and make phone calls to other users in the US or Canada.

Textnow mod promises to give affordable, flexible data add-ons whenever required. Nationwide service is not the only facility available here, but you can also call internationally simultaneously with meager rates. It provides calling and texting services in over 230 countries.

Additionally, you can make life easy with the services like conference calling and voicemail transcription. Relax and enjoy because the developers won’t charge you yearly or monthly.

If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can comfortably use gadgets like computers and tablets as a cellphone. Other features of text now mod APK are stated in detail down below. Go over the article and learn about this application’s exclusive features.

Fast Connectivity of text now mod APK

Ensure you have text now mod APK 2023 installed on your cellphone for faster access. Now you can quickly connect with the desired person.

Usually, because of a lengthy confirmation process and irrelevant steps, it gets hectic and consumes a lot of time to get online access, but text now mod APK has a solution. The fast connectivity ensures you don’t waste your precious time and have maximum satisfaction.

Engage in Group Chats

Creating a group of your contact numbers is a highly appreciated feature of text now mod APK. Create groups with many friends to communicate with all of them at once.

By doing so, you can disseminate information in a short period and create your own impression.

Number Identification and Enhanced Security

Do you get annoyed by frequent spam calls? The situation won’t remain the same anymore because text can now detect spammers and odd numbers very effectively. The application will recognize and classify all unknown numbers, enabling users to detect them. It also displays the location of the spam callers to enhance your information security.

Ad-Supported Service

The service is ad-supported, which doesn’t charge the user. If you feel annoyed by the advertisements, you can remove them by purchasing a subscription. Wi-Fi is optional in all cases because users can access a free wireless network with a one-time purchase of a text now mod SIM card.

Call Quality

Call quality on Textnow mod APK Download is second to none. Calls don’t get interrupted here unnecessarily, or you won’t see people complaining about the signals dropping.

That is why the app has received a 5-star rating on its call quality which is significantly clear, sharp, and audible. Updates frequently satisfy the users with improved functionalities.

Change Contact Numbers

Change the number with a lot of ease. You have different languages integrated with the system, which means you can customize and create a name in a specific language.

Appealing Stickers to Make Calling a Pleasing Experience

Textnow mod APK has many magnificent stickers you can use when calling the other person. The application updates the sticker inventory occasionally, which means you will have a steady supply of stickers.

  • Range of Amazing Backgrounds of Textnow mod apk

Adorning is not limited to stickers only; you can also use different enchanting backgrounds. Users can select backgrounds according to the topic. All these backgrounds are specially designed for those adventurous users who never remain content and want to explore places and their hidden secrets.

  • Express Feelings by Using Emoticons

Conversations will always be exciting and insipid because textnow APK has introduced emoticons to help you express your feelings and emotions. These emoticons will represent your inner state without writing or uttering a word. Users will be stunned to see the options concerning emoticons to make their conversations exciting and stories interesting.

  • The interface of Textnow Mod APK

The application has an overly simplistic but well-optimized interface where the main screen contains conversations. You can easily handle this interface and get exposed to its different functionalities.

A pencil icon on the right-hand side in the bottom corner is used for composing texts.

On the right-hand side and in the top corner, a keypad can be seen that is to be used for calling. A further innovation is introduced in the floating chat feature to ensure you see all the receiving texts and calls. When there is a call or a text, you will see the floating circle on the home screen to remind you.

However, it is entirely up to the users whether to keep this feature intact or switch it off. Additionally, the passcode will help in securing the chat and your texts won’t be read by anyone if you want to keep them hidden.


Textnow Mod APK



Features of TextNow Mod Apk

The app has seen many improvements over time and, as a result, has evolved into one of the top-rated communication-based apps worldwide. The app’s database contains over 50 million active users worldwide. The interface is user-friendly and attractive, making it easy for users to learn the functions in a brief period of time. We have provided a list of the premium features of the modified version.

  • Unlimited Calling and Messaging

TextNow Mod Apk is designed to let users make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages to numbers in the United States and Canada.

The mod version is free to use, allowing you to communicate with individuals in these countries without incurring any expenses. Users have the option to make video calls and send media files, just like on WhatsApp.

  • Maintain Privacy

Users have a constant worry about their privacy and don’t want anyone to have access to their private data. There have been reports in recent years that some apps that allow chatting are not end-to-end encrypted, which puts privacy at risk.

There’s no need to worry now, as TextNow strict security measures prevent any third parties from accessing your data.

Messages are transmitted in hidden codes, which makes it practically impossible for a third party to read them. This goal is accomplished by an encoder that turns text into codes.

  • No Debugging Information

The app’s lightweightness and file size reduction is due to the absence of debugging information.

  • Access Premium Features

Enjoy the premium features with TextNow Mod Apk, including unlimited calling and texting, no advertisements, message synchronization, conference calling and more.

To obtain the premium features without spending a dime, install the modified version from our website.

  • Free Calling Service

Users need to get calling credits before making calls outside of the United States and Canada, which can be expensive.

Is it fantastic if we told you that there’s an app called TextNow that you can install and use whenever you want without worrying about running out of credit? Install it now to make unlimited international calls.

  • No Annoying Ads to Frustrate

Unfortunately, the standard version of the app has a lot of ads that can hinder its functions. But when you install the mod version, its ad blocker technology removes all unwanted ads to offer ad free experience.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Textnow Mod APK

The strengths of the app include

  1. User-friendly app
  2. Easy-to-handle interface
  3. Free SIM card
  4. Affordable prices
  5. Synchronization with your Google account

The weaknesses of this textnow mod APK are:

  1. Costly additional data
  2. Poor voice quality in some instances
  3. Slow loading
  4. App lags (although not very frequently)
  5. Frequent contact numbers reset

Install TextNow Mod on PC

  • Now, users can install TextNow Apk on a PC as well.
  • First, you must install a credible Android emulator on your Windows PC.
  • Create an account and enter the area code identifying a particular phone service area to get a free phone number.


Text Now mod APK has gradually emerged as the most effective calling/texting app with high rating points.

Enjoy big data with its GSM service and enjoy all high-end features. Users can also make money just by watching ads or completing surveys.

Use the app to get rid of high mobile phone bills. Some problems may occur when switching from a Wi-Fi connection to a mobile network, but other features compensate for that. Enjoy quality calling and texting services absolutely free, and that too on super fast networks.



  1. What is the essential function of TextNow ?

TextNow is a messaging app that works as a mobile network operator and allows you to use call and mail services on mobile apps.

2. Is TextNow  free to use?

Yes, the app is one hundred percent free, and you don’t have to pay a fee.

3. Is TextNow Apk an ad-free app?

No, the app contains ads, but you can remove these ads by purchasing a subscription.

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