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Overview of Truecaller Mod APK

Truecaller Mod APK offers you a perfect alternative to typical features such as calls, messages, and contact lists in the programming settings of the original software of your device. A far more advanced system to identify contacts, block numbers, and receive contact suggestions based on your location and time improves the system to ensure security and ease.

Truecaller Mod APK can easily eliminate undesirable phone calls by permanently blocking calls from unknown sources. Truecaller application helps detect phone numbers calling you in case they are not saved in your contact list. You can block junk calls from spammers at any time.

People selling their products using unsolicited phone calls can be a constant nuisance.  Truecaller makes it incredibly easy to track the number from anywhere in the world to find out if the number is relevant to you or not. Additionally, you can copy the number you wish to identify from any platform, and Truecaller Mod APK will reveal the person’s identity.

Truecaller Mod Apk

With its premium feature, the application lets you access people simply by typing their names in the search bar.With Truecaller application, you can follow people on Twitter straight from this application. The app has all the features to run your device smartly and solve many issues. That is why this application has experienced rapid growth with 50 crore downloads worldwide, and is considered the world’s most reliable caller identification and spam-blocking app. Truecaller app offers you the luxury of managing calls and messages without unwarranted interference. It automatically gets rid of telemarketers and spammers.

Features of Truecaller Mod APK

Truecaller App, with its very advanced features, guarantees that your communication is secure and that you do not feel intimidated or irritated by foreign and unpleasant interventions. The application does not compromise security and privacy and always keeps your private information confidential. For Truecaller APK to work, it needs a Wi-Fi or 3g connection and operator charges.

The application has numerous features to ease your life on digital platforms. Below is a list of its features:

Automatically Blocks Spam Callers

This is a very efficient application for blocking contacts that are not relevant or deemed undesirable. The app automatically detects those contacts and discards them in the digital bin. Blocking these contacts is automated, and the application acts further and removes all other traces of these undesirable contacts on the different social media platforms to make it impossible for them to get in touch with you by any means.


Truecaller Mod Apk

Record Calls in Superior Quality

Although a few devices have built-in call recording features, most of the time, that only lives up to expectations. Truecaller application has superior call recording quality that allows users to hear the voice loud and clear. The system will also delete unwanted sound clips to make them usable for other purposes. The call logger built into Truecaller APK helps recognize the voice of everyone.

Efficient Dialer and Caller ID

Truecaller will assist you in determining the identity of the caller. Now, talk to all your friends on a very efficient and secure medium in a friendly environment without any disturbance. You can also integrate important contacts in the contact list by signaling the app through reporting. An additional facility is in the form of backing up details and settings to Google Drive.


Top Quality Blocking Features of truecaller apk

Truecaller Mod APK allows you to block calls and messages from unidentified sources automatically. It limits the access of spammers and fraudsters by immediately blocking them without warning. Premium features of the app include blocking based on location and time zone.


Ability to Identify Contacts

Truecaller app will automatically detect and disclose the caller’s identity by accessing their registration data. This feature allows users to identify the caller even if they are not in their contact list or are unaware of them. Truecaller APK will proceed and block without your consent. With the Truecaller APK interface, the application user will be able to know the occupation, name, and location of the caller.

In contrast to the default interface, the Truecaller mod APK interface is more efficient in engagement with contacts. It enables video and voice call options that are fully up to the user.

The truecaller apk has one of the most advanced calls and contact managers that makes call detection and blocking easy and facilitates users to organize their schedules. It immediately targets individuals and companies that should have been blocked and blocked without notice and without having their information appear in history.

This fully secure, advanced-level application leaves no loopholes in the system for information leaks and privacy breaches. Share as many fun videos as you want with your friends to build a friendly conversation.

Truecaller Mod APK

Share Video with Friends

You can send fun videos to friends before making a call or greeting. This feature is especially famous because it amazes friends with a pleasant surprise when you unexpectedly video call them. The video creation feature of the app also has modifications that can be introduced to make it more versatile to interact with friends more cheerfully.

Secure Chatting

Messaging on Truecaller is free of cost. You can create chat groups with family and friends without being wary of privacy infringement. You can classify between private, important, and spam text messages. You can also monitor transaction updates through the necessary tab. Users may use flash messaging for time-sensitive messages.

Truecaller APK has a reliable and secure messaging system. It offers to send written text, files, and documents to any person through developed messaging systems, and all irreverent data will be manually deleted after a certain period. Messages will be kept secret if users are interested in hiding them.


Install Truecaller 

You can download Truecaller Mod APK without connecting to the Internet. Go to the installer and install the application on your device. Once you have fully downloaded the application, you can use all its features.

Download Truecaller 

  • Tap on the DOWNLOAD option first.
  • Navigate to your cellphone’s settings and enable the unknown sources to download from a third party.
  • Open the app from the download folder.
  • Now install the app and give the permissions it asks to access the device.

Truecaller Mod Apk


  1. Is the mod version of Truecaller free?

Yes, the mod version is free, and here, you can get many premium features like the excellent gold version.


  1. Is Truecaller Apk safe to install and use?

Yes, Truecaller is safe and contains no virus.

  1. Can I track the location of my contacts by using Truecaller Mod Apk?

You can know the locations in which the caller activates.

  1. How can I access the premium features of Truecaller?

Download Truecaller Mod Apk, and you can access all premium features.

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