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Overview of Kafa Topu 2 Apk 

Overview of Kafa Topu 2 Apk, or Head Ball 2, is a fast-paced, multi-player football game. Masomo Gaming develops the game and involves players in 1v1 football competitions with rival real-life competitors who can join and compete against you from anywhere worldwide. The players get into pairs and an effort to defeat the opponents. All your competitors are real individuals and not AI characters, which makes the game more absorbing.

Adopt Different strategies 

Players in Kafa Topu 2 Apk adopt different strategies to overcome the competing gamers. The game features several missions, and upon completing these missions, the players make themselves eligible to win bonus points.

 Each game consists of 90 seconds of high-intensity soccer matches, and in these 90 seconds, you have to show your ultimate football skills and score maximum goals to emerge victorious. Kafa Topu 2 Mod Apk has all the premium features that could attract gamers and convince them to play it for long hours.

In the Apk version of the game, you can enjoy the benefits of high-end features free of cost.

Unique Features of Kafa Topu 2 Apk

Connect via Google IDs

Players can connect Kafa Topu 2 Apk with their Facebook or Google IDs to invite more online players to participate in the competition and make the missions more challenging. Apk version is free of bugs and provides the players with an ideal alternative to play the game without consuming money.

The game can be played in different gaming modes. Every Android cellphone user can install and play the Apk version without any prerequisite.

Kafa Topu 2 Apk

Kafa Topu 2 Apk is a football-simulated application immensely popular among soccer fans. Premium features may require some money, but once you pay, you will be eligible to use all valuable in-app purchases, such as resources and tools.

It is an online gaming platform, and the users may need help in the form of lags if they have a weak internet connection.

The gameplay of Kafa Topu 2 Apk

  • The game has remarkable differences compared to other soccer mobile games, as the players have to use their heads to navigate the ball besides using their feet. 
  • This unique quality is the reason behind naming it Head Ball. 
  • Make use of different superpowers to score goals.
  • Kafa Topu 2 Apk has simplistic Gameplay, but that doesn’t compromise the excitement embedded in the game. Kick the ball, use headers, and outsmart the rival players using your superpowers.

While playing the game, you can get entertained by live commentary. This responsibility will be assumed by John Motson, who is recognized as the best commentator and will certainly make you feel a rush of adrenaline. The player who scores the most goals within 90 seconds of the allotted time will be declared the winner.

The game automatically selects the competitors you have to compete against. Also, you can pick one character out of 125 characters as your own and participate in competitions. These characters can be upgraded in terms of their ability and skill level.

Kafa Topu 2 Apk

Compete With Online Players

Connect the game with your Facebook IDs and challenge online competitors to indulge in competition with you. Establish your soccer team or join any other football team to play missions and earn rewards. Strengthen your team and humble the opponents in a fierce face-off.

Develop a Career in Soccer

Switch to the career mode of Kafa Topu 2 Apk and win special rewards, resources, and unlock characters. At the same time, you can consolidate your career as a soccer player. As you advance in the game, it starts getting difficult to win rewards, and you have to put in more effort.

Transform the Characters

Make sure you upgrade your character now and then to enhance its ability and unlock resources and more skillful heroes. The difficulty level increases with each mission and match. Therefore you have to stay on top of your game all the time.

Maintain Your Prominent Position

Please select the most powerful character and endeavor to improve its capabilities with frequent upgrades. Access all unlocked features and accessories in the Apk version. These will enable you to build and strengthen your soccer team. You can also unlock football stadiums, but that depends on your progress in the game.

Participate in Seriously Competitive Soccer Leagues

Kafa Topu 2 Apk has 5 different leagues, and you can participate in all of them to make sure you jump from the Bronze League to the Diamond League. The game continuously updates its content, meaning you will be a part of a new weekly competition and get to overcome your opponent’s football teams.

You can build your team or join another established one, as these teams will be your exceptional support in competitions. Don’t take anything for granted; keep working on your skills to ensure victory.

Paid Features of the Kafa Topu 2 Apk 

Not all, but you need to spend a specific amount to purchase some premium features. However, you can turn off these in-app purchases from the setting option of your Android phone if you don’t need them.


Kafa Topu 2 Apk is an adventurous soccer game with nonstop action. Android cellphone users can install the Apk version to enjoy all high-end features. Showcase your soccer skills and end up winning tournaments and leagues. Additionally, you can access a lot of rewards, and most of these bonuses are unpaid.



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