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Sony liv Mod Apk is the top choice if you want to convert your smartphone device into a television and watch a variety of movies and shows. The popularity of Sony Liv among users is based on its array of amazing features, making it one of the most sought-after TV viewing apps currently available.
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Overview of Sony Liv Mod Apk

Sony Mod Apk is the top choice if you want to convert your smartphone device into a television and watch a variety of movies and shows. The popularity of Sony Liv among users is based on its array of amazing features, making it one of the most sought-after TV viewing apps currently available.

The goal is to achieve diversity and provide users with channels from all over the world, which also ensures inclusiveness.

sony liv mod apk

When it comes to streaming choices, you have the ability to live stream thousands of shows whenever you want. If you have a passion for cricket, you can watch live cricket matches as well as entertainment shows.

Since Sony Liv Mod Apk is developed by a credible platform, it eliminates all concerns regarding the legal standing of the app. Have fun watching numerous online videos on your Android devices. Sony Liv’s store has an extensive selection of content.

The app is free, but users must pay a certain amount of actual money for premium features. You can count on this as your one-stop destination for original movies and series, live sports, and binge-worthy shows.


Subscribe and binge Sony Liv Originals across a number of native Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and others.

The app’s full optimization aids it in overcoming lagging issues. Have a seamless streaming experience without any interruptions. The app can be used at any time, with only a stable internet connection required.

Why you should download Sony Liv Mod Apk

Sony Liv is a must-have app to access a vast collection of movies, shows, and TV channels. Sony Liv provides a live streaming service for sports enthusiasts, and the app is easy to use without any significant issues.

This is a great source of portable entertainment that is extremely diverse and keeps its library up-to-date with the latest content. Additionally, you have the option to connect it to a TV device to view content on a large screen.

Top-quality video quality keeps users engaged by delivering content in high resolution.

Sony Liv Premium Mod Apk

As previously mentioned, Sony Liv’s premium features must be paid for in order to access them. The issue is solved for you by this modified version that offers all premium features for free.

The users are relieved to know that there are no subscription fees or restrictions. The modified Sony Liv version does not have any ads, and it also has many advanced features that are absent from the standard version.

sony liv mod apk

Features of Sony Liv Mod Apk

By now, you will have an idea of the application, but if you still want to learn more, keep reading the blog until the end to gain a detailed picture of the application.

Streaming Services

Sony Liv Mod Apk is primarily designed as a streaming application that allows you to watch numerous TV shows without any restrictions. With the premium version, you can watch and stream all popular Indian local Indian shows without having to pay any fees.

Furthermore, it provides casting for viewers who do not particularly enjoy watching shows on small mobile screens but prefer large TV screens. In order to activate streaming mode, it’s important to have a stable internet connection.

Additional Gaming Feature

Despite its primary role as a streaming platform, Sony Liv Mod Apk still provides over 100 exclusive show-based games. There are multiple interactive shows that users can participate in that are highly engaging. Try out AR-enabled game shows, video quizzes, and other exciting shows to make the most of the app.

Advanced Interface for Improved Experience

The interface of the Sony Liv Mod Apk is both advanced and beautiful, making it feel like you’re in a luxurious studio while enjoying its content. The interface is easy-to-use and allows you to perform tasks without any difficulty.

It’s okay for users to purchase receivers and transmitters to watch TV channels in other locations. The app offers content from diverse categories, meaning you can watch any type of content without limits.

Movie Watching App

People who love watching films should not miss out on the chance to install Sony Liv Mod Apk because the app has thousands of contemporary films.

Furthermore, the library is regularly updated to include more current movies for the users’ enjoyment. These films span multiple genres, including comedy, action, horror, thriller, suspense, and more.

Unique Ability to Provide Content Per Need

It goes without saying that not all users worldwide have the same preferences and priorities when it comes to viewing entertainment content. Sony Liv Mod Apk 2024 takes into account this diversity and offers various content options that vary depending on the country.

The app’s position is strengthened by its privacy policy that is specific to regions, which provides a grasp of the nature of the personal data being collected. The app strictly adheres to the legal practices of its country of origin, from data processing to storage and retention.

Multiple Categories

Sony Liv considers user convenience and categorizes data for easy search. Among these categories are crime, horror, comedy, science fiction, and others.

It’s easy to open a specific category of your liking and browse the list to select the movie or show that intrigues you. Sony Liv is already winning the hearts of millions of users across the globe thanks to this feature.

Stream Live Cricket

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide can now watch live cricket matches with Sony Liv Mod Apk. The game’s starting time and other related news will be updated through match notifications.

sony liv mod apk

Sony Liv has become the go-to source for cricket and sports news for millions of users worldwide.

High-Quality Videos

Low video quality can have a significant impact on users and discourage them from continuing to use the app for streaming. But videos in this app are integrated into HD, HD+, 2K, and 4K quality, which ensures the availability of high-quality videos.

Furthermore, the app is assisted by AI, which aids it in locating data you’re interested in from your search history, and consequently, the same content repeatedly appears.

Frequent Updates

Updating the content is necessary for the app to meet the user’s expectations. Sony Liv apk believes in delivering up-to-date content which means you get to watch new shows, series and movies whenever you access the app. On a continuous basis, there is an incredible addition of hundreds of shows and movies.

Play Games

Sony Liv is primarily a streaming app, but it also offers multiple games from categories like fighting, war, puzzle, action, and more.

Playing online games requires users to connect their devices to the internet, otherwise, lagging issues will prevent them from excelling.


For users who only understand one language and want to enjoy content in other languages, subtitles are crucial. Turn on this feature to watch movies and shows with subtitles to aid in your understanding of the story. To make things easier for users, subtitles are displayed in multiple languages.

Download Shows to Watch Later

Users are not always able to watch live-streamed shows due to their busy lifestyle. Sony Liv is cognizant of this issue and has introduced this feature to enable users to download and save TV shows.

Users can now bookmark and download their favorite movies and shows to watch later. The app contains a section for saving your content. Most importantly, you don’t need internet access to watch the downloaded content.

Local and International Shows

Sony Liv Mod Apk streams a variety of local Indian shows and updates over 100 original and international series. By receiving this latest content, you will always be able to watch fresh content.

sony liv mod apk

Create Upto 5 Different Profiles

It is possible for users to create as many as 5 profiles with one subscription. Enjoy the high-end features in the mod version that offer an entertainment experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

By using 5 personalized profiles, you can have a viewing experience with your friends and family members.

Access International Channels

Sony Liv Mod Apk has a wide range of channels from different regions of the world. The channels are divided into categories like music, movies, entertainment, news, sports, and more.

The app offers content from various countries. Having your small TV in palms can make it easy to watch American, Arab, Indian, and French shows.

sony liv mod apk

Watch Shows on 2 Screens Simultaneously

It’s fascinating how users can simultaneously watch one show on two different screens. The app is well-designed to meet the needs of multiple users who want to watch the same segment.

Highlights of Sony Liv Mod Apk

  • On-demand access to TV shows, films and live sports.
  • Watch shows with subtitles.
  • Offers support for various languages.
  • Original and exclusive shows.
  • Watch both Indian and international programs.
  • Compatible with Chromecast and Airplay.
  • An interface that is both modern and user-friendly to make navigation easy.
  • An app that is supported by AI.
  • Thousands of popular TV channels are available for live streaming.
  • Get suggestions for movies and shows that are tailored to your interests.
  • Option to download to watch content later in the offline mode.
  • Play a diverse assortment of thrilling games.


Download Sony Liv Mod Apk

  • Tap on the INSTALL option to initiate the installation process.
  • Once the app has been successfully installed, the app icon will be displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the app logo and start using Sony Liv for the best streaming service.


Is Sony Liv Mod Apk appropriate for children?

This app was created for both teenagers and adults, so parental guidance is recommended for children to use it.

Is the content produced by Sony Liv Apk exclusive?

Most of its content is created exclusively by collaborating with content creators.


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