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Spotify Premium Apk is a free and online audio streaming app where you access a vast library of songs of multiple genres. The app was launched in 2006 by Daniel EK, and since then, Spotify has developed into a top music and podcast app.

With Spotify Premium mod Apk, you can entertain yourself without limits as it publishes millions of songs and original podcasts for free. New content is released without breaks, and the audio quality of the music is second to none. Besides listening to music online, users can also download and listen to music in their free time.

spotify premium apk

Most of the people have downloaded the standard version of Spotify and they must also be aware of its disadvantages such as frequent ads popping up every now and then, no offline mode and limited song skipping. But these problems are resolved in the hacked version of Spotify.

Mod Version of Spotify

The mod version is also called Spotify Premium Apk, and here you can skip as many songs as you want every hour. With Spotify Premium Apk you can enjoy the high-end features of the app without paying money. Spotify is known for providing the best music services to customers worldwide.

Great content on the premium version gives an opportunity to the users to listen to millions of songs, documentaries and podcasts.

Many renowned artists prefer Spotify as a music platform for publishing their content because of the reputation of the platform.

Artists believe that they can reach out to the masses in an easy way if they upload their songs on this app. Besides music, the users can stream podcasts and can also change the music chart to update the song ranking of the singers they like. In Spotify Premium Apk you will get the unlocked premium features and unlimited skips.

spotify premium apk The app features several well-written audio books and Playlists. Most trendy songs and albums in demand get everything by just tapping.

Highlights Of Spotify

  1. Explore music and watch documentaries.
  2. Several exclusive shows and original podcasts from all top Podcasters.
  3. Music of many genres.
  4. Download the music and enjoy it later.
  5. Sublime audio quality.
  6. Skip songs.
  7. No forced shuffling.
  8. Easy search and get results instantly.
  9. Create your own music Playlist.
  10. Use the app on different digital devices including cellphone, desktop, tablet and Playstation.
  11. More than 300,000 audio book titles are in its library.
  12. Search by typing the name of the artist or the lyrics of the song.
  13. Organize a podcast library to listen to your favorite Podcasters frequently.
  14. Get newly released songs quickly.
  15. Unlocked Spotify connect.
  16. Seeking enabled.
  17. Repeats enabled.
  18. 4 Subscription Options, including individual, duo, family and student.


Mod Features of Spotify mod apk

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlocked Volume Control
  • Share lyrics.
  • No ads.
  • Unlocked Animated Heart.
  • Improved voice quality.
  • Unlocked Canvas Sharing.
  • Unlocked Next Track.
  • Unlocked FB Login.

spotify premium apk


Features of Spotify Premium Apk

Extremely Easy to Use Interface
The app’s interface is easy to use, but still, it doesn’t compromise its sophisticated look. It has two basic color tones which are black and blue but the users can introduce other color effects. The process to search for your favorite song is very simple, tap on the “Discover” button and type the title of the song or the name of the singer.

The controls appear at a position which makes it significantly easier to perform different actions. Users can also organize their music library, which comprises all their favorite songs. With one swipe you can choose your song library function and get the series.

Stream Podcasts
Apart from music, you can also stream podcasts. Spotify Premium Apk features plenty of podcast stations for the users to listen to. Podcasts can benefit these users in a variety of ways, such as delivering updates to them, increasing knowledge, building a point of view on trendy issues and improving communication skills.

Dozens of Music Genres
Not one type of music, but Spotify has something to offer for your different mood types and preferences. From classical to HipHop and Party to Mood, you will never run out of options when it comes to music.

Songs From Topnotch Artists
Spotify Premium Apk is a quality music streaming app and one solid proof to prove the point is that you have all songs from all top ranked artists available on Spotify. Be it Taylor Swift or Eminem, Spotify is ripe with music options.

Premium Unlocked
With Spotify Premium Apk, the users can enjoy the high-end features. Some of its features may require you to pay a certain amount. The subscription fee is 9 dollars a month, and you get premium access to its paid features.

Compatibility With All Digital Devices
The compatibility of Spotify Premium mod Apk is high, which means the app is fully functional on Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, Linux Computers, Windows Computers and others. You can download Spotify from anywhere, regardless of your current location. The app is fully accessible in Africa, Europe, Asia and America.

Play Radio
Although Spotify Premium mod Apk is mainly a music streaming app, here the users can also listen to the radio. Simply press the three dotted icon and tap on the radio option and you can connect to the radio.

Know The Lyrics
Sometimes, we only remember the beat of the song and miss the lyrics. Then we have to search on Google to check the lyrics, but with Spotify Premium mod Apk, you can always see the lyrics of any song you want.

During the music production, many stories take place, and every piece has a context that many listeners don’t know. Still, Spotify Premium Apk reveals all minute details regarding a particular song and its context.

spotify premium apk

Large Music Library
Spotify is admired for its vastness as this music platform synthesizes countless music numbers. The application is rich enough to contain all the decades-old songs and the collection of contemporary and trendy themes. Pick a random piece and play it, or jump to the entire music album from your favorite singer; the choice is yours.

Star Artists Preferred Platform
Mega Stars from across the globe keenly publish their content on Spotify, considering the success of this music app. Once the song is released the users can instantly find that song on the app and search it from the search bar. Sign up and get notified about the future music activities of your favorite music star.

Unlimited Skips
The standard version of Spotify has set a limit which is skipping six songs an hour and can cause annoyance but the premium version allows you to get unlimited shuffles.

Tweak With The Audio Quality
Now, the users can change the quality of the audio according to their preference. Low-quality audio ensures you consume less data, and on the other hand, some users prefer to keep the quality high to listen to the lyrics.

Soundtracks have different audio quality, which can be expected, low or high. The highest audio quality is 320Kbps, which generates the most clear and audible sound.

Change The Podcast Quality
Very much like the audio quality, you can change the podcast quality, too. Usually, the podcast quality with Spotify Premium Apk is 96 kilobits per second, but this quality gets better and touches 128 kilobits per second on the web player.

Music Ranking Updates
Spotify updates the biggest hit songs on its platform. Users can edit the ranking and add the trendy songs into their library by listening to them. The users are recommended to regularly listen to their favorite music numbers to help these songs top the ranking chart.

Best Listening Experience
The listening experience of the users is the most important thing for Spotify Premium Apk. In the mod version you need to pay 9.99 dollars every month to get the premium features. The standard version comes with a problematic search result and most of the time you don’t find the exact song you searched for.

Get Customized Themes
Spotify Premium Apk offers you to change the look of the app with its customized themes.

Seeking Enabled
The mod version has enabled a seek bar allowing the users to play a specific part of the music or podcast and skip the rest. You can also fast forward and rewind with it.

Download Music and Podcasts
The premium version of Spotify allows you to download albums and podcasts and listen to them in the offline mode. Live streaming consumes more data, but you can save your internet data by downloading content.

Tell Others About Your Music Taste
You can tell your friends and family members about your interest in a specific music genre by sharing songs with them. Spotify Premium Apk enables you to share your Spotify profile via social media apps. Use a Spotify embed code to share for scanning the code.

No Root
Spotify doesn’t ask for rooting the device or installing the third party app.

Keep An Eye On The Activities Of Friends
Spotify Premium Apk is a formidable tool to form a small group of online friends and share your favorite stuff with them. The feature is helpful in knowing the activities of the friends such as what kind of music and podcasts interest them.

Listen to Music In a Flow
Listen to uninterrupted music because the app gets rid of a pause between the tracks and allows you to listen to back to back music tracks.

Get The Concert Tickets
Spotify informs the users when their favorite singers give a live performance. Visit the page of your favorite artists, check the dates of concerts, and get a ticket for yourself. Users can also change their current location to the place of their choice.

Select and Organize Files
Organize all types of files that you have downloaded on Spotify. Files can be arranged in an alphabetic order or the number of times you played the track in the file or when it was downloaded.

Strict Safety Policy
Spotify Premium Apk has a strong data protection policy to disallow the misuse of data or data theft. In case the user suspects a breach of privacy, he should instantly lodge a complaint, and the due action will be taken.

Jump to Spotify Premium Apk in a few easy steps.

  • Discard the current plan.
  • Log into your account page.
  • Change the plan from the category YOUR PLAN.


Advantages of Spotify Premium Apk

  • The app can be used on different digital devices.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • A lot of modifications in the mod version.
  • The offline mode.
  • Paid packages for better service.
Disadvantages of Spotify Premium Apk
  • Spotify Premium Apk can’t be used by everyone because the app is restricted in many countries.
  • Unaffordable subscription charges.
  • No lyrics in this premium version.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

  • Tap on the “Go to download page” button and then click on the “Start Download” option.
  • Once the downloading completes, open the downloaded Apk file.
  • Go to the SETTINGS option and enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES and install the app.
  • Make sure you uninstall the older version in case you installed it.
  • After installing it, tap on the “Email Button” and select the “Sign Up Free” option.
  • Give all the necessary details and tap on the CREATE option.
  • Select the preferred language and tap on the NEXT button.
  • The app is downloaded and ready to be used.

Download Spotify Premium Apk on PC

  • Download an authentic Android emulator and install it.
  • Now download the Apk file of Spotify Premium.
  • Navigate to the “File Location”. Right click and select “Open with Emulator”.
  • It’ll take some time before the app is installed, and the users can know about it through a notification.


Is it safe to use Spotify Premium Apk?
Yes, the mod Apk file is hundred percent safe.

How to delete a song from the music library?
Open the Playlist and search the song you want to delete. Then, from starred tracks, you can remove it.

Can I use WhatsApp to share Spotify Premium Mod Apk file?
Yes, you can share this file through WhatsApp.

How to get Spotify if it’s not legal in your country?
You can use the app by installing a VPN app.

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