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Granny Mod Menu is an exciting game with horror content. If you like to be a part of a horror story, you are at the right place. Download the game and enjoy the unlimited thrill and horror in Granny Menu Mod APK.
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Granny is the game’s original name, and Granny Mod Menu Updated Version is the modified and improved version of it. The developers of the game are Developer on the google play store. If you love horror movies and shows, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game with amazing graphics and terrifying sound effects.

The game has survival-based gameplay where you have to escape from the Granny and leave her house where you are locked; otherwise, if she founds you, you will be killed. This game also comes under the umbrella of arcade games, including the games like dan the man mod apk and cooking fever mod apk.

Granny Mod Menu

Game Play

Granny Mod Menu APK (Mod Menu) will start with the scenario that the player is locked in a house as big as a five-stories, and an old and mad lady Granny lives there. She is a terrifying character who doesn’t want any human around her or her house. Granny is blind and can’t find you unless and until you don’t make any noise.

However, her hearings sense is extreme, and she can easily hear even a minor sound, so be cautious and escape the house without making any noise and passing through all the traps, find the key to the door. You will only have five days.

There are two ways to escape from the haunted house, first is either you choose the front door, which is locked for which you have to find the key, it also needs to be cleared or escape by the vehicle parked in the garage for which you need to make a repair and restart.

If you are opting for the escape from the car, first find out the missing parts of the vehicle, which are gasoline, a spark plug, an engine part, a battery, and the oil pump.

While finding the missing parts, you will also have to plot traps for the Granny, like a sauna trap or the ice trap, and collect your weapons like crossbows and short guns for firing at her when she catches you anywhere. Because if she hears any sound, she will rush at you and hit you on your head with the baseball bat.

Granny Mod APK (Menu Mod)

The Menu mod of the game is for android users. In this mod, you will have a menu in the left corner of the interface. This menu has influential features. You can even play the game as normal, for which you have to turn off the menu. When you choose the God Mod menu, then the Granny won’t be able to kill you. And you will be able to kill her, making Granny disappear for ninety seconds.

Features of Granny Mod Menu APK

It has very exciting and thrilling features, which are as follows.

1. Escaping the Room

The biggest challenge is to escape the room without being noticed or sensed by the Granny. The Granny is an old psycho woman who will kill you if she finds you or senses you around her. Despite being blind, she has a great sense of hearing. Therefore, she reacts and rushes toward her prayer even with a minor sound.

2. Unlimited Health

The mod version of the game has this amazing feature of unlimited health, letting you stay alive even after you are caught and smashed by the Granny. You will heal up gradually and carry on your struggle of escaping again.

3. Unlimited Clues

Another exciting feature of the Mod version is the unlimited clues which will help you give hints if you are jammed somewhere in the game and unable to move forward.

4. Don’t Make Noise

The most significant power of the Granny is her extraordinary listening capability. As she bling, she entirely relies on her hearing ability. Son, it is highly commended that you don’t give her even a tiny clue while trying to escape from the house. Otherwise, she will catch you in no time, and you will die. So be careful.

Some other features of the Mod version are:

  • Mod Menu
  • Be Invisible
  • No footprints
  • Low Noise
  • No Root Required

How to Download the Granny Mod Menu APK 2023

Download this thrilling and exciting game by clicking the below-given link and enjoy it to your fullest. You can even download it from Google play store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key features of the Mod version?
Ans: the key features of the mod version are unlimited health, healing power, unlimited clues, low Noise, and no footprints.

2. What is the age limit for this game?
Ans: As it is a horror game, it is not recommended for children under 6 may also vary from child to child. Some children at a younger age don’t find it scary, and some even more extensive than 6 find it difficult.

3. Should a device be rooted for the Mod version?
Ans: There is no need to root your device. All the mode features are available on the standard machine.

4. What is the required android version for the game?
Ans: Android version 4.4 will be required for the game’s successful installation and smooth operation.

The Final Words

The Granny Mod Menu Outwitt is a survival-based game that gives you a perfect sense of achievement when you survive in it. If you are a horror show lover, this game will provide you with a lot of entertainment and keep you captivated with its graphics and sound effects.

The game is just like any horror show, which will give you goosebumps, but the mod version has some features which will make it easier for you to beat the Granny and successfully escape from her house.

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