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Horse Racing Championship 2018 is an amazing and extremely entertaining horse racing game. Its addictive nature and quick pace make it highly popular among racing game lovers. Download Horse Riding Championship 2018 and see how exciting its gameplay is.

Especially if you have a special attraction for horse racing games, you must take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy this free game. The game features a lot of difficult hurdles that you must jump over expertly.

Horse Racing Championship 2018’s Thrilling features will excite horse riding game enthusiasts. Funright Productions developed the game, and its most advanced version was introduced in 2018. You have reached the ideal platform if you dream of becoming a jockey racer.

Here, you will compete with the most efficient horse trainers globally and earn recognition as a top horse trainer. With its intense gameplay, the game offers everything you would look for in a horse-riding game.

Unique Features of Horse Racing Championship 2018

Absorbing Gameplay of Horse Racing

Exhilarating races in Horse racing Championship 2018 are not the only thing that will catch your attention, but its charming 3D graphics further spice things up.

Select your favorite horse from the top horse games of the store and participate in breathtaking riding challenges; the ultimate goal is to win the quests. Get a jockey for yourself, and make sure your horse touches the finish line first.

Horse Racing Championship 2018

User Friendly Control

Horse Racing Championship 2018 has user-friendly controls that make it easier to ride the horse. Easy controls enhance your gaming experience as you don’t have to face frustrating failures now and then.

Make sure you avoid all the hurdles expertly. The gamers will aim to engage in horse races to earn a reputation as a legendary horse rider in horse racing games derby.

The developers have worked on its animation to offer a realistic gaming experience and amuse the gamers like never before. Become a horse game manager or an expert jockey in the horse racing championship.

The game is devoid of any unnecessarily difficult gameplay mechanics, which means you can grasp the basic idea of this game and learn how to play it briefly. Horse Racing Championship 2018 features the most powerful horse racing game ingredients you won’t see in other such racing games.

Prominent Features of Horse Racing Championship 2018

Read about all the prominent features of the game in this blog.


Take special care of your horse and ensure it doesn’t run out of energy. In this game, consistency is the key to success. Special rewards are available in the form of cash that can be availed to purchase and upgrade horse features and accessories to help it win races. The more powerful horse has a better chance to win the derby.


Horse Racing Championship 2018

Multiple Tracks

Horse Racing Championship 2018 features different challenging tracks with distinct features and attractive designs. You won’t feel like racing on the same track again and again. This feature keeps the game content fresh because there is no repetition, which can sometimes be boring.

3D Graphics

Events and characters in Horse Racing Championship 2018 are well-detailed and intricate. Real-looking horses, racing tracks and, on top of that, very fluid animations that will keep you going. While playing this game, you will witness the vibrancy of colors to allure the gamers.

Horse Racing Championship 2018 Free to Download

Horse Racing Championship 2018 is an entirely free game. However, it still contains some optional in-app purchases that are paid.

Game Controls

In the initial phase of the Horse Racing Championship 2018, the horses move slowly, but you can increase the pace by touching the left button. Be vigilant all the time and make sure that your horse doesn’t bump into any of these hurdles. Smooth landing of your horse is also important, and you have to ensure it doesn’t collide with the crossing hurdle barrier.


As a horse manager, find the most powerful horse from the stable and start racing on the tracks. Cross all the barriers one by one and navigate the horse swiftly to touch the finish line. The game includes several beautiful stallions and in-game events. Choose one horse; later, you can work on its ability with in-game updates.



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